December 6, 2021 19:16:34



     Between 26 to 31 October 2011 the Foundation  paid   the first tranche of scolarships for the students of Military Secondary Schools (Collegies), Military Warrant and Non-Commissioned Officers Schools, Technical and Armed Forces Military Academies – Army, Air and Naval Forces nominated by Ministry of National Defense:


1. Miss Ciobanu Georgiana- Secondary Military School „Ştefan cel Mare”, Campulung Modovenesc


2. Mr.Dragan Andrei-Secondary Military School  „Mihai Viteazul”, Alba Iulia


3. Mr. Frunza Alexandru-Secondary Military School „Dimitrie Cantemir”,  Breaza


4. Mr.Balaita Rareş-Army Non-Commissioned  Officers School „Basarab I” , Piteşti


5. Miss Chiriloaia Paraschiva- Air Force Warrant Officers School  ”Traian Vuia”, Boboc


6. Mr.Cioclu Mitică-Liviu- Navy  Warrant Officers  „Amiral Ion Murgescu”, Constanta


7. Mr. Lazar Mihail-Octavian- Military Technical Academy, Bucharest


8. Miss Crupa Adelina-Mihaela- Army Academy „Nicolae Bălcescu” Sibiu  


9. Mr.Boriceanu Emanuel- Air Forces Academy, „Henri Coandă”, Braşov


10. Student sergent major Dascalu Marina-Valentina- Navy Accademy „Mircea cel Bătrân”, Constanţa