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GSGF Programme 2011


- On the occasion of December 22nd, Heroes’ Day, Army’s Day and other festivities,  participation in the events organized in partnership with Garrison Command and local authorities of Buzau and Costesti for the commemoration ceremonies at General Stefan Gusa monument raised in the courtyard of the church of Spataru village;

- Deposition of wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Heroes’ Day and Romanian Army’s Day;

- “General Stefan Gusa” Diplomas and Prizes awarding to the student having graduated with highest marks from the Technical Military Accademy and to the researcher or graduate from “Carol I” Defence National University with the best graduation thesis;

- “General Stefan Gusa” Diplomas and Prizes awarding to students having graduated with highest marks from the following institutions: “Nicolae Balcescu” Land Forces Academy of Sibiu, “Mircea cel Batran” Naval Academy of Constanza and “Henri Coanda” Air Forces Academy of Brasov;

- Assignment of ten “General Stefan Gusa” monthly scholarships, as follows:

- three scholarships  to a pupil of each of the three Military High Schools”;

- four scholarships to a cadet (student) of each of the Armed Forces Academies (Land Forces, Air Forces and Naval Forces) and of the Technical Military Academy;

- three scholarships to pupils of different Military Schools for Military Masters and Non-Commissioned Officers of the Armed Forces;

- Donations of food, maintenance materials, school supplies and  toys to Archdeacon St. Stephen Association (Ghencea Parish);

- Organization of a trip to Italy during summer holidays in order to reward one  pupil of each of the Military High Schools at the end of his 2nd or 3rd year of studies. Selection and nomination criteria according to the ones approved in 2010;

- Interviews, articles in military and civilian press, radio and television programmes related to GSGF purpose and objectives;

- Elaboration and supply of documentary material for the realization of the column entitled “Personalities in Uniform” of  “Military Observatory”;

- Sponsorization of editorial activities, as follows: elaboration, editing and printing of military memoirs and military history books and studies and  printing of magazines of Military Cadres Associations (such as “Heroes’ Cult”, “War Veterans” or “Military Reserve Force”), that is of a book – Military Attaché Transmit – Vol. 6 (due in 2010) and of an issue of “Heroic Romania”;

- Support and sponsorization of the University of Pitesti for the organization of the National Session of Scientific Communications of History Faculty students on the theme “Students’ Research in the 3rd Millennium” and of the Annual Session of Scientific Communications of the students of the Faculty of Socio-Humanistic Sciences;

- Gathering and selection of documentary material for the realization of a documentary film on General Stefan Gusa;

- Common projects in collaboration with the institutions with which signed agreements or partnerships exist in order to sustain scientific/educational activities in the military field.