December 6, 2021 20:19:54



         At the second edition of  the  Concourse of History organized in Buzau   for high school students by "Marshal Alexandru Averescu"  Foundation and County Cultural Council on 27 November 2010, the  members of “General Stefan Gusa” Foundation offered to all winners and their teachers  history books as follows: " The Romanian-German relations .." -12 ex; " The Calvary of  Romanian Prisoners in First  World War " 3 ex, “ Military attachés  transmitted 1930-1941”; “ The Army, the Marshal and the Jews "ed. RAO-5 ex, "Aushwitz" edit RAO-12 ex, "History of the Putsch in Romania - Three Dictatorships - eg 4," History of the Putsch in Romania - The Failure of Democracy "-3 ex.