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for granting Diplomas, Awards and Scholarships

The “GENERAL STEFAN GUSA” Foundation Board adopts this regulation.

Art.1.  “General Stefan Gusa” Foundation grants diplomas, prizes consisting in cash or objects and scholarships in order to promote the excellence in the scientific research, in fields like: national defense and national security, education and continuing training of teachers, officers, students, pupils and students of military institutions or civil high-schools whose profile is compatible with  the foundation’s object and goal.

Art.2. The number and the amount of awards and scholarships are annually set, no later than December 15th, for the following year, by the Board, in the same time with the approval of the Program and the Budget of income and expenses of the Foundation.

Art. 3. – (1)  Scholarships are awarded in limited financial resources available, especially for continuing education courses, masters or doctorates at defense Universities, and Schools or Centers for research and training in defense and security fields, in our country or abroad, as follows:

a) To researchers PhD students from the institutes or military institutions (civil), for defense policy studies and military history, university and academy teachers with outstanding contributions to the development of original works on defense and national security, promotion of the values and traditions of the Romanian Army.

b) To student officers and students from the universities and academies of the army forces who get exceptional results, but they do not have the material resources to continue their studies.
(2) The awards, accompanied by Diplomas of Excellence, are awarded to the researchers and teachers who prove to be the authors of original and valuable works and also to the best students who graduate cum laude the military institutions.

Art. 4.  The selection and the recommendation of the candidates for "General Stefan Gusa" scholarships, degrees and awards is made at the request of the Board or the senate or council of the military Universities , Academies, Schools and Centers, with the opinion of the competent upper echelons the Foundation has concluded cooperation agreements with.

This regulation was adopted by the Board and it respects art. 29, paragraph (2), law no. 246/2005 concerning associations and foundations.