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Gen. Stefan Gusa Foundation » Programs&Activities

The goal of our Foundation is to support the scientific and cultural activities, its objectives are searching for the truth in the contemporary political and military history of the Romanian people, emphasizing the role of the army in the crucial moments of our national evolution, educating the young generations in order to increase respect in the major values of our national culture and their integration in the European culture and history.
          According to the status of General Stefan Gusa Foundation, we will continue to organize and support, as we are doing in the present, the deployment of scientific events – conferences, symposiums, internal and external courses, printing books about political, military and security strategy, and also we will continue to offer support to the military families which are in difficulty (war veterans, injured people, those who suffered from accidents and have medical problems, orphans, widows etc)
        In order to fulfill our goal, we make efforts to establish a cooperation framework in the public-private system between General Stefan Gusa Foundation on one hand and the Army institutions, the National Defense University, the Academies and the Schools of Applications on the other hand – by signing protocols in which we state our offer and our methods for achieving the objectives of the collaboration.
         Even from the beginning, our Foundation initiated a number of actions as following:
- We financed the editing and printing of more than 20 memorial and military history works.  (access). Some of them have been awarded as being the most valuable history works printed in the year 2000. With the help of the Foundation there have been organized book launches and presentations at military institutions, libraries, civil institutions.
- We financed, built and inaugurate, inside the garden of the church founded by General Stefan Gusa, the tombstone from Spataru ( the Carrera marble bust representing the Chief of the Romanian General Staff and the mosaic of Murano minerals from the frontispiece of the church) – (1997);
- We financed and redecorated the protocol room belonging to the Military School of Application for Tanks and Auto “Mihai Viteazu”, Pitesti, we also restored the marble boards with the names of the best students and the commanders – (2002);
- We participated to the organization and development of numerous scientific sessions and conferences ( “100 years from the birth of Stefan Odobleja”; “Trends in the development of cybernetics in the 3rd millennium” etc), we offered support for some debates on military history for students from the Land Forces Academy and also the session of scientific communications with the students from the History Faculty – (2002-2003);
- In order to support to the old people who are lonely and in difficulty we offered financial and material support for building  a modern complex including a social shelter, a medical center and a church, built by the Congregation of Benedictine Sisters, in Magura, 
- We financed and built a secondary school and a kindergarten in Spataru village – a civilized educational center, functional and with modern facilitaties;
- We offered to the Europa Nova listeners a series of weekly programs about interesting military history topics.