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The goals of General Stefan Gusa Foundation are:

• To support the research activities and scientific investigation, to elaborate works in order to reflect objectively the most important events in the history of the Romanian people, of the Romanian country and the Romanian Army;
• To facilitate cultural events in order to increase the respect for the fundamental values of our country and people, for the historical truth;
• To maintain and perpetuate, in the memory of our contemporaries, the personality of Stefan Gusa, through his military career, his role of historical importance he once played as Chief of the Romanian General Staff in December 1989 for freedom, statehood and independence;
• To maintain the tomb and the memorial monument from the church founded by Stefan Gusa in Spataru village and to commemorate him in church services and other commemoration meetings organized in his memory by the Military School from Pitesti Garrison.

In order to fulfill these goals, General Stefan Gusa Foundation aims to develop the following activities:

• Organization of scientific events – conferences, symposiums, scientific sessions, round tables with national and international participation – about the military security strategy and doctrine, national history etc;
• Promoting and sustaining the excellence in the military and civil education institutions;
• Offering awards and scholarships in Romania and abroad also, according to the procedures approved by the Board;
• Giving support in editing and printing works about: army, culture and history, and also a volume and a film about the life and work of General Stefan Gusa;
• Commemorating the saving day – December 23rd 1989, the Romanian Army Day – October 25th, The Heroes Day – his rise and death on March the 28th 1994;
• Naming a military unit,  Spataru village and/or a street from Bucharest and/or Buzau with the name of the General;
• Giving his name to a group of graduates from the Land Forces Academy and/or Applications School for Combat Units “Mihai Viteazu” Pitesti;
• Advancement in rank and the postmortem decoration with a military order in conformity with his performances and the position he held in the Romanian Army;
• Assisting war veterans and the military staff organizations, offering support to the military families which are in difficulty.