December 8, 2022 20:39:00



Gen. Stefan Gusa Foundation

            The mission of General Stefan Gusa Foundation is to ensure the broad knowledge, in time and also in space, of the personality of General Stefan Gusa, his functions and actions of historic importance for the independence and integrity of Romania.

Also, the General Stefan Gusa Foundation aims to contribute to the  knowledge of historical truth from the Romanian teritory and to its integration in the European culture and history.


                                                                                        * * *

            General Stefan Gusa Foundation aims to fulfill its goals by organizing conferences and courses of military history, political and military strategy of the army and country, by publishing works of military history and volumes of documents.

Under the aegis of the Foundation there have been and will be edited in the future a number of historical cultural works. We also want to publish a book dedicated to the life and work of General Stefan Gusa.

Each year we will solemnly commemorate the 23rd of December 1989 – the day of the salvatory action of General Stefan Gusa; the Army Day, on the 25th of October and the 28th of March – the day the General died as a martyr.

We will provide care for the grave, the monument with bust made of Carrera marble which is dedicated to General Stefan Gusa and to his foundation, the church from Spataru village.

The Foundation has organized and will organize various cultural and historical activities, conferences, national and international symposiums.

We will establish an Award offered by the Foundation and scholarships in the country and abroad, titled “General Stefan Gusa”, will be offered.