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Prizes 2014 for valedictorians


                “General Stefan Gusa” Foundation awarded this year as well Diplomas of Excellence and money prizes to the valedictorians 2014 “Constantin Brancoveanu-300” of military educational institutions of the Ministry of National Defence.
Diplomas and prizes amounting to a total value of Lei 7,800.00 were awarded to: the valedictorian of the Military Technical Academy; Sub-Lt. Eng. George-Cristian G.  Potrivitu, valedictorian of “Nicolae Balcescu” Military Academy of Land Forces; Sub-Lt. Laura-Lucia Rasinar, valedictorian of “Henri Coanda” Air Force Academy; Sub-Lt. Alexandra I.Virlan and future engineer Stefana-Mihaela Farcas, valedictorian of “Mircea cel Bàtrân” Naval Academy.
           Diplomas and prizes amounting to Lei 1,000.00 each were awarded to the valedictorians, warrant officers and non-commissioned officers of the respective Armed Forces schools, as follows: WO Class 5 to Oana-Daniela Buzatu, valedictorian of Land Forces Warrant Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers Military School “Basarab I”; WO Class 5 to Mihai I. Petrescu, valedictorian of Air Force Warrant Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers Military School “Traian Vuia” and WO Class 5 to Mirela R. Dinu,   valedictorian of Naval Forces Warrant Officers Military School “Admiral Ion Murgescu”.
            The awards here above were awarded on the occasion of the graduating ceremonies which took place on the days of 22, 24, 29, 30 and 31 July 2014 in the residence garrisons, by reserve generals and officers, ex colleagues and friends of General Stefan Gusa, that is: Admiral Dorin Dànilà (Constanta), General Niculae Spiroiu (Military Technical Academy and Garrison of Pitesti), Colonel Dr. Doina Muresan and Nicolae Mitu of the General Staff of Land Forces (Sibiu).