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Each taxpayer citizen may choose that  2% of the income tax given to the state to be sent to an NGO. Giving 2% of your income tax is not a donation and does not imply any cost for you: the money you choose to send to an NGO should return to the state anyway.
Forwarding 2% of your income taxes is an option and not an obligation.
- Would you like  the money to remain in your community? Choose a local organization!
- Are you interested in a certain region (the place you grew up in, a place you are bound to?) Choose an organization that operates there!
- Is there any fields you feel attached to? Are you interested in the development of one of these fields? Forward this tax to the organizations that you choose whether they serve in culture and art, education, health, environmental protection or anything else!
So you can decide where will the 2% go, but more than that:
- it costs you nothing;
- you improve the efficiency of spending public money - so your money!;
- you can help solving a problem in your community directing 2% to an organization that works in that area;
- directing the money to a local organization you can ensure that this money remain in your community;

2% is a simple mechanism by which each of us can decide to offer help in solving a social problem, to support a cause they relieve in. It is a gesture of solidarity, social responsibility and an example of civic participation.

Choose the organization that you want! It is your right!

All you have to do is:

1. download, fill in the forms and sign:
form number 230 - if your income comes only from salary.
form number 200 - if beside the salary you also have other incomes.

2. mail the form or submit it to the Financial Administration that you belong to.
If you want to forward your  2% to our foundation or you wish to join our initiatives and donate, you need the following information:
- The name of the organization: GENERAL STEFAN GUSA FOUNDATION
- Tax code: CUI 11647704


RO11BACX0000000194822000 RON
RO81BACX0000000194822001 EURO

Any donation will be accepted only with the approval of the Board and the offer will be written by the donor who will specify its origin and the purpose (the poject).
All donations are registered in the Register of Donations.